Right from the start - the first batch of homebrew we produced several yeas ago - Silly Sir has been our brand.  Over time, playing business became actual business as we evolved into a contract brewery and settled into our passion. The crystal ball shows an innovative brew pub in the (not so) distant future which will house an oasis of silliness and fun.

Inspired by our travels, our goal is to diversify the craft beer scene in Ontario by blending essential flavours from around the world into our creations. We’re really proud of our first release: Easy Tiger - a wheat beer cold-steeped with lemongrass. It took us 16 batches to uncover the perfect blend of malt, hops, yeast, and lemongrass that make it work so well.  Look for it in LCBOs and restaurants very soon. 

We take beer very seriously. And we don’t. Because life is too ridiculous to take too seriously. 

Who do these millennial hipsters think they are?

Matti Cowan • Co-founder

Hello, I’m Matti - a passionate brewer and homebrewer. I'm also the former Vice President of GTA Brews Homebrew Club. I love running and cycling - anything that keeps me moving forward.

Sara Yong • Co-founder

I'm a proud beer brewing lady working hard to bring more diversity into the craft beer world. With a background in design, I also work on bringing the Silly Sir brand together into something special.

Thank You

To all of you who have put your faith in us, and our company. To all who have purchased Silly Sir glasses, t-shirts, and/or have taste tested our best and worst creations. To all who have listened to Matti ramble on and on about beer chemistry and brewing specifics that you don’t actually give a crap about, and to those of you with us on the journey as we figure things out:  thank you.  

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